Sunday, September 26, 2010

What I Did on Friday and Saturday Morning

Met friends and family in Birmingham and we then ate in Bessemer at the Bright Star Restaurant.

That's it, below.  See the green awning?  The door is in that shadow.

Are you familiar with this restaurant?
I am now.  
Very old and really good.
Sandra Bullock, last year, held a surprise birthday party for her daddy, at this restaurant.
Charlie told me that.

Making selections and conversation.

What I ordered.  Their Greek version of Snapper.
And .... fried eggplant - so good.

Our group outside the restaurant, after we ate.

Saturday morning on Martha's Terrace, coffee and a little more conversation - 
before we all returned to our homes and responsibilities.

And inside Martha's gorgeous home, so many opportunities for interior photos.  This is what I chose.

I don't know how to explain all these relationships and who's family, who's not -
Evergreen, Alabama is the common denominator.... I think, but there are other connectors.

It was wonderful fellowship.

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