Friday, September 3, 2010

English Test

Which sentences are correct out of the following choices?

A.  Will you go with Sarah and I?
B.  Will you go with Sarah and me?

A.  Sarah and I will go.
B.  Sarah and me will go.

A.  Thank you for thinking of Charlie and me.
B.  Thank you for thinking of Charlie and I.

A.  The two selected are Sarah and I.
B.  The two selected are Sarah and me.

Don't forget:  the pronoun, I, is the subject of a verb.  the pronoun, me, is the object of a verb and object of a preposition.

In an effort to be "proper", the pronoun, I, is used over and over as a preposition object - by well meaning people.  Just felt a responsibility to use my blog post to correct that if anyone cares to be corrected.

You know how the majority of "Hollywood" has taken our political climate into their own hands, deeming themselves saviors of our world?  Well, I  hear, even on television and in movies, their misuse of those two pronouns.   It makes me think they were absent the day that lesson was taught in English.

It makes me think the lesson isn't even being taught in English anymore.

In fact, sad as it is, it would seem that the English language is becoming an offense to the world - correct English, that is.  Correct English is beautiful - as is any language.  I wish I knew more languages.  But, alas, English is mine - with a strong Southern accent.  Strong South Alabama - wish I could improve that dialect just a bit.

Answers to the above quiz:

Will you go with Sarah and me?
Sarah and I will go.
Thank you for thinking of Charlie and me.
The two selected are Sarah and I.

Who and Whom are also misused.  Well, mostly whom.  It's slowly being eliminated - the word, whom.  But Who is a subject in a sentence.  Whom is an object.  But I looked up all of this to make sure I was saying all of this correctly and I read that the word whom is becoming obsolete and even the most astute English experts are having to concede.

What a different post this is.

Any comments on the pronouns, I and me?  Have you ever thought about it?


LB said...

love this post!!! I was excited to post my answers, but then I saw that you answered them--I knew the answer to all of them (I would hope so, with an English degree). For any readers out there, an easy way to remember who and whom--use who where you would use he, use whom where you would use him. I, for one, will not stop using whom when appropriate. I can't. And, no, it is no longer the "in thing" to teach grammar, unless of course you are receiving a classical education, which FULLY embraces grammar, diagrammed sentences and all. One of MANY reasons why I LOVE classical education. Okay, done with the longest comment ever. I couldn't help myself.

Hollen said...

Hahaha, I love this! :) I am always correcting everyone about their English! I'll never forget, I was at camp with my two best friends this summer (one of which is my cousin!), and my one friend, Hannah, said, "It was as if...." I don't remember exactly what she said. So, I had been studying in school before the summer about how you aren't supposed to say "It's like..." or anything like that, you're supposed to say "It's as if" because like is a preposition. So, I looked at my cousin and I said, "Hannah!!! You said that grammatically correct!!!" Then they both just looked at me. LOL I then explained why, and my poor little cousin goes, "So wait, did I say it right, or did I say it wrong?" HAHA! It was so funny. :) We have laughed about it since! But, that is the crazy sort of thing that I do. I don't know how grammatically correct this comment was, but, oh well...please forgive me this once! :)Oh...I actually didn't do so great on the quiz, even though I sat there thinking about objects and subjects and whatnot. :) Ha!

Hollen said...

Haha, LB, I didn't even see the end of your comment, but, I think I beat you...haha! :D