Saturday, September 4, 2010

More on English

I had two comments on my last post.  One from Laura Beth.  She is all about the incorrect use of the pronoun, "I".  I expected an immediate response from Laura Beth and she did not disappoint me.  She is all about this stuff.

And I had a comment from Hollen who is Ann and Steve's niece.  She is a precious girl with a sweet spirit like the rest of the Barber family.  She is beautiful inside and out.

Her comment was very helpful to me because it was about the word, "like".

I try not to use the word, like, in the slang fashion which is common to teenagers and maybe some college coeds.  But I think I do misuse it.

Part of Hollen's comment reads this way:   She is referring to a conversation she had had with her cousin and another friend.

Hannah, said, "It was as if...." I don't remember exactly what she said. So, I had been studying in school before the summer about how you aren't supposed to say "It's like..." or anything like that, you're supposed to say "It's as if" because like is a preposition. "

and Hollen went on to praise her cousin for using the correct words.  Funny how we notice those things....but we do.

I'm not sure I always use the word correctly, so I googled it.  The following is what I found.


Know how the word "like" is supposed to be used. There are only two correct usage.

  • Similarity - "This tastes like chicken."

  • Enjoyment - "I like this movie."

  • Note that "It's like we knew each other the whole time!" is incorrect. The correct phrase is 
  • "It's as if we knew each other the whole time!"

There were many more rules about how NOT to use the word.    

Thanks, Hollen, for bringing this to my attention.

Surely someone else has some "pet peeves"  regarding sentence structure and certain words

and how the "rules are broken".  


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