Monday, September 6, 2010

Morning in South Alabama

I just read this blog post by Esther Bratton and it stirs my heart.  Wow.  When we are walking through a trial - a difficult place - and even with our heart hurting - and we cling to Him - our Savior -  well - enough of the pronoun , we - when I see it in others - I see the glow of His glory - when I see others holding on to HIM - it blesses me beyond all blessings.  Esther and Ben have been so blessed with their precious little baby girl, Charlotte - and God has been so faithful and kind to keep her safe with the Spina Bifida she was born with - but there are hurdles to get through in that wonderful NICU in Birmngham, AL - and that fierce, fierce Mother Love and Father Love that is so new and fresh and gripping in the hearts of Ben and Esther - it's hard to walk away from her, even though she is in good hands.

So - speaking of mother and father love.  Charlie and I are down here in Evergreen with a truck full of old furniture - attic worthy furniture - shall we call it shabby chic???  We still have that heart pull toward our baby - well - she's 24 - but still - and we are taking her stuff to her in New Orleans.  She's been sleeping on a tile floor on an air mattress because this has been the earliest we could get down there.  Our calendar has been full.  We cut the trip in half by getting as far as Evergreen.

I never did post pictures of my trip to Tallahassee with pictures of my beautiful aunts, Florence and Mary.  I haven't because I wanted to find some old black and whites of their youth and try to reveal time and how we wear life's experiences like clothing - adornment - if we wear it well with a heart trusting Christ.  I think strength is seen in countenances and expressions and our body language.  I want to write a good story about these dear dear aunts of mine.  It was hard to transition back to North Alabama - I want to be near them and glean from all that I know of them.

We are supposed to be out of here by 7:30.  It's 7:02 and Charlie just appeared in the room and I could see that he wondered how in the world I could be posting on this blog when we need to be getting ready to leave.  I must go dry my hair.

New Orleans, next stop.

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