Wednesday, September 29, 2010

So This Is Later

We began Community Groups tonight....
My house is one of the houses where a group is "getting together"

only I wasn't the host at my house.  I was assigned to another house and Ann and Steve hosted the group at my house.  Yet, I did prepare for folks being in my home

and since I haven't been able to think of anything to post - well - I decided to take pictures of my very straight house and the food I'd prepared - because I don't usually keep it this straight nor do I prepare these kinds of goodies.

Do you want to see?

Okay - here are the turtle cookies

and the chewy chocolate pecan bars....

Cream and Sugar

Silver Spoons

Flower Arrangement which I bought at the banquet last night,,
a fundraiser for the Turning Point Pregancy Center

My straightened LR (rare)

and then, as I was taking the pictures above, I heard folks coming in the back door 
and here is what I found.

Ellie in leggings and a cute denim skirt

Ellie with Ann


and Andrew

And Ellie talking

That's all.

I'm going to McDonough tomorrow to visit Laura Beth and her crew.

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Hollen said...

OK!! So, this was adorable! :) How fun that a group can meet at your house! I loved the pictures! Those desserts looked AMAZING!! :D