Monday, September 13, 2010

Where My Mind and Heart Is on This Day, with an edit

I used to only read a very few blog posts.  One thing led to another and, well, I think I've mentioned it before.  There are some amazing people in the world - standing in the gap - stepping up to the plate - being a strong arm for the hurting, the oppressed, the beggars, the hopeless -

I read these two blogs always:  A Holy Experience  and  The Gypsy Mama.  Ann Voskamp and Lisa-Jo are the writers of each of these blogs and have just returned from a trip to Guatemala sponsored by Compassion.  I read their posts as they each told about their trip, about finally meeting the children whom they sponsor, and about how God opened their hearts wide, wide to see and hear the sights and sounds of poverty and hope.

Again, going through the amazing maze of the blog word, I've added two new blogs to my must read list.

As it turns out, I didn't know, Compassion has a blog - I challenge you to read this story - Saving Baby Girls from Infanticide in India.

And then this one - This is a blog belonging to Laura Parker.  You can go to her blog here or you can go straight to her "About Me Story" here.  Again - another challenge to be moved way out of your comfort zone...just reading it.

A small excerpt from Laura's story:

"My husband and our three small children (ages 6, 4, and 2) have just relocated here (jungles of Thailand)  so that my husband can direct Christian orphanage for girls who are targets for the sex industry. 

The site for the orphanage which he directs  is Breanna's House of Joy.  Oh, my goodness.  Explore that site.  If you have 50.00 to give monthly, you can sponsor a little girl and save her from being sold into slavery - imagine that.  

One more.  There's this little girl named Isabel Jones.  When she was 5 she went with her parents to visit a child whom they sponsored through Compassion.  It moved her in such a way, when she was 5, that eventually she began to collect shoes to send children who had no shoes.  She is 11 now and this site tells you all about it and her and how you can help.  Did I mention that she is only 11?

All of this is all I can think about on this day.  

Here's the edit:

I never remember how I got to a new blog/post - but this lady was also on the Compassion trip to Guatemala and here is her post about meeting her sponsored child.  OMG!  My heart!  Read this, if you're up to it.

And this one - it completes the list of the four ladies, I think, who were on this trip.  Shaun Groves was also on this trip.  Anyway - here is her blog and September 13th post about that particular day.


LB said...

oh my word--that makes me want to immediately scrape together my pennies and sponsor a little girl to save her from slavery wow. One more reason to get out of a debt, so we can one day sponsor LOTS of little girls!!!

Laura @ Life Overseas said...


I feel honored to be added to your "must read" list, my new friend! Thanks for following along on the journey with us over here.

I loved visiting your site today.

Love from here,
Laura Parker