Sunday, August 29, 2010

Before I Post about My Trip to Tallahassee, FL, I Have to Show You This

I came back from the deepest South, on Friday - because....well, for a lot of reasons, but there was a Flag Football Game going on, Saturday morning.  It sounded like something I did not want to miss.

A fundraiser for The Turning Point Pregnancy Center -

It was a lot of fun - so many groups of men who had formed teams to compete with one another - all in fun - yet a bit serious fun - they all wanted to win - until the morning wore on and it got hotter and hotter and they got more tired and more tired.

But about this post - Luke, my grandson, loved seeing these men, whom he knew as regular adults - and especially  his  daddy and his daddy's friends - he loved seeing them do that aggressive, competitive sport, football.  So - when Ann brought him and Ellie and Andrew over later in the afternoon for dinner - meeting Steve here - this is how Luke showed up - He had SPORTSITIS!!!!  A bad case of it.

He had all the sports going on.  Baseball Helmet, Football, Basketball Uniform, and, well, the flip flops are a nonsport - but, well - no matter.

I took him outside - thinking the grass would be a better place for the photo - 

So, outside, he wanted to play - but all he had was Mom and Near (me).
Charlie was grilling chicken and Steve had not yet arrived.

This is what he got.

Mom, (Ann), teaching him to "Hike?"

Near taking pictures.

Luke throwing and running and screaming to her to tackle him.

She did.

Andrew had to get in on the action .

Luke wanted more.

And then Ann was exhausted and we called it quits.


Laura Beth said...

These pictures are so fun! You can see it all over his sweet smile that he was loving every second of it!

Scott said...

Hey Elizabeth, thanks for donating to charity: water. It makes me feel like my silly blog has been worth it all these years to be able to particicpate in something like this.

Hollen said...

Ahahaha, that was adorable! :) I loved it!!