Monday, August 16, 2010

Not a Day That Fits Me

I really had looked forward to this Monday

but it's not fitting me.

I can't find any momentum.

I had intended for it to be very productive.  I'd looked forward to it.

First I was going to clean upstairs really good.

Missed that.

I did work on some bible study stuff, but not as thoroughly as I intended.

I had expected some things in the mail.

Those didn't get here.

Our lawn mower was returned with it's expensive new starter

but I didn't get the grass cut as I thought I would - grass that is over a week high.

I ate things I didn't intend to eat - emotional eating.  Know what I mean?

I finally got a late bath - began to prepare dinner - and did strip some beds upstairs and decluttered just a bit - enough to have made a good dent - so I feel better -

It's like I started the day over at about 3:30 p.m.

I hate to feel like I might have wasted a day - but I might have at least wasted portions of it.

Well - begin again.

Grace and Redemption.

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Rose said...

sorry late in responding.I'm struggling doing blogging vs. very late spring cleaning. started mon. and 3 more rooms to go , next time 5 years from now. I wear my pj's sometimes much later in the day, why change while I'm cleaning and will need a bath. Could you and I be sisters? You might want to set a specfic main goal for the day ex. laundry. hope things get better. Take care Rose