Monday, August 2, 2010

Let Me Show Him(and her) to You

John's pictures haven't been on my blog very much.

He'll be 6 months on the 8th.  That's a milestone for a newborn.

Ada has been on here quite a bit - but not as  3 year old Ada.

She'll be three on the 5th of August.

They've been at my house Friday until today.  Leaving early in the morning.

The President has been in Atlanta today and  traffic was reported to be challenging.  So rather than return today, they are leaving early in the morning.

First, here's John

He toppled over in the above pictures.
He toppled slowly.
I had to get that in pictures.

And now, 

Ta Daaahhhhh.

That's it.


Rose said...

both of the children are pretty, even if one is a boy. have a safe trip on Tuesday.

Tokyo said...

cute picture. I never tire of looking at baby pictures.