Sunday, August 8, 2010

There, and Back Again

I've been to McDonough, GA and back again.

I rode with Ann and Ellie and Luke and Andrew

to McDonough'

to celebrate the 3rd birthday of Ada Elizabeth.

We drove on Thursday to get there and returned today.

Yesterday we celebrated nearly all day and it culminated into a full blown celebration yesterday late afternoon at Chick Fil A and was completed with gifts and cake at Laura Beth and Scott's home.

We took a zillion photos but I want to wait and let LB and also Ann post what they want to post regarding photos and the birthday -

So -

I'll just go back in time to other 3 year old birthday parties

Ann turned three on February 1, 1984 We celebrated at home after Charlie got home from work.  Just the four of us, Ann, Laura Beth, Charlie and myself.  Notice in the pictures that Laura Beth has a very unfortunate haircut.  My fault.  I did it.  Never again.  I wasn't cut out to "cut" hair.  Also, notice that Laura Beth is wearing a bib.  I kept a bib on Laura Beth until ..... well, I don't know when I took that bib off of Laura Beth.  She had an overabundance of saliva.  Her shirts would stay wet without the bib.

Laura Beth turned 3 on August 12, 1985.  I was about 3 months pregnant with Sarah at the time.
This was the first birthday party I had for the girls.  LB never was at Mother's Day Out during her birthday so Ann had always celebrated at school with friends.  This birthday started our party habit.  Mistake!!  First, LB was too young.  She was in shock the whole time and didn't make a sound.  Kept her lips pursed during the whole party.  But Ann's next birthday was five so I had to have her a party and so it began.  

Next, Sarah turned 3 on January 24, 89.  Her party was at McDonald's.  Kate would have been 1, so I don't know if I took her to the party or if I left her at home with Mother and Daddy.  Can't remember.
She didn't show up in the pictures, but I think there are pictures with some of us holding her - so I think she was there.

And Kate turned 3 on February 15, 1991
Her party was at home with a few friends.
Kate was extremely embarrassed at being the center of attention.  
Especially during the birthday song.

And those are my 3 year old birthday parties.

Check out Laura Beth's post for Ada's third birthday.

I've done a LOT of birthday celebrations.

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