Sunday, August 1, 2010

August First

Welcome August..... I think!

I hate not to welcome the beginning of any month.

But, August?

We know what it means.

Say one final goodbye to summer of 2010.  It will be a hot goodbye.  Hot!

We looked so forward to this summer.  I did.  And of course there's always Fall and October to look forward to.  and November and December with all of it's creativity and color.  Before winter.

But summer of 2010.  I was so glad for it to be here.

So much to be thankful for.  So much.

5 grandchildren with one on the way.

Kate and Sarah placed in jobs and places they are glad to be a part of.  That makes me so grateful and glad.  It scares me, sometimes, to have such a "glad" feeling.  Not because I don't want a grateful heart, but we are in a momentary "comfortable" place - not so much in a trial or even a semi trial - unless you count having to do strenuous moving of girls to new places a trial.  I don't really.

John is due to see a neurologist next week.  For now, it seems "precautionary" and not too alarming.  It's followup on the whys of his crying and holding his breath and that turning into what looks like a seizure of sorts.  I've seen it and it is unnerving.  I've never seen anything like that.  It happened last time Laura Beth had him at the pediatrician, fortunately.  It got their attention.  She had been telling him about it and he brushed off what he thought was that typical breath holding thing.  He sent them to a pediatric cardiologist who gave good reports on his heart.  Some blips and wanted to see him in 6 months - but still, just routine followup for the most part.  So - to cover all bases, the pediatrician wants her to see a neurologist.  I don't think about it too much.  I've seen him this weekend and he is incredibly strong and healthy and so on top of things in developlment - and hasn't done the crying/seizure thing.  That's because if he whimpers I go for him and at least encourage someone to do so.  I mean, so does Laura Beth, but as a grandmother I immediately want to not let the crying get out of hand, to prevent the thing he does.

But still, what messes with my angst is the emotional stability of my daughters - even more than their physical health.  Isn't that weird?  Mess with their hearts and I go into savior mode.  Fix it, fix it!!  but then, the physical can step over and mess with the emotional - so there's both.  It's my area of really having to let God be God and my not trying to handle everything.

How did I get from the subject being "August" to the subject being "I'm So Glad My Girls Are Happy for Now"?  Anyway - life is just full of stuff to deal with and for now all is quiet on the home front and I'm glad but with a watchful eye.  I really am identified as an optimist more than a pessiment by my friends and family - but also a realist - and life is life and it has its stuff(trials).

I'll tell you one thing - I'm so blessed to the point I'm exhausted.  All four of my daughters plus grandchildren have been in my home this weekend.  We have laughed and talked and analyzed and everything else while the grandchildren had their own hullabaloo - It's Sunday evening and I am really tired and really glad.

And.....Welcome August - Thank you Lord for every season and every day and every month and every year and every second.  Thank you for the good, the bad and the ugly and how You use it all in our lives to make us look like You, when we have said yes to Your Gospel.  When we have said yes to You.

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Rose said...

listening to you about your life and children tells me you are blessed with a loving family. i'm also a realist. things will happen. I pray that john's doctor app. gives good news.