Thursday, August 12, 2010

Today Is Double Post Day

Besides being Laura Beth's birthday, of which I've already posted below or here,

it is also the day my youngest, my 4th daughter, really flew out of the nest.  Sarah flew on Tuesday April 27.  I wrote maybe one paragraph about it, but I remember crying the whole day.  on and off.  very emotional.  I didn't even take pictures.  Weird.  My brief post was written on here on May 1st.

I did today.

Official Travel Mug, filled with coffee, of course.

and don't we want to stay hydrated on a trip?  Why, yes, certainly!

Load the purse.
Keys, Cell, Wallet

What's that lime green envelope on the counter?

oooohhhh.  a note for "Mom".
that's me.  I'll read that after she leaves.

Laughing at her mom for taking all these pictures

One last tightening of that bicyle.  Hope it stays on, all the way to Winston Salem

Her loaded front seat

and back seat - and the trunk is packed also, of course.

She's in the car

and closing the door

bye, bye Kate, be careful, be sweet, and call me.
I love you.

Now, the note.


And then I went in and started cleaning my house.  It's a wreck.

Thank You Lord, for taking care of my girls.  
Thank You that with each of them I had a few months of their living at home between college and leaving.  Just a bit of their being a part of my world again before they made their own world.
Thank You that they love You and desire to serve You and seek You.
Thank You, that You loved them first.
I pray Your protection over them.  Surround them , please, with Your Holy Spirit, giving them wisdom and discernment and direction.


Traci Michele said...

It's nice to meet you! Found you over at (in) courage. I blog over at Ordinary Inspirations:

SurvivorDiane said...

Stopping by from InCourage. Your girls are lucky girls. Your love is very evident.

joy said...

i love your blog. Mrs Elizabeth. and i love how you love your girls..we are all growing up huh?! i remember when we were little and i wished that my mom made pb&j like u and wisehd she would buy bbq pringles! haha the stuff we kids come up with! miss you!