Thursday, July 29, 2010

I Am Very Much Back in Scottsboro, AL

On to the next thing.

Tasks, tasks, tasks.


Daily living.

In order to have the thing we most want we have to "do".   - and for me, what I want on this day, it is.....

1.  My children with me.
2.  A well-groomed yard.
3.  Clean Sheets.
4.  Giving to Best Friends.
5.  Healthy Food in the Pantry.
6.  Less Clutter.
7.  Fig Preserves for today.

and other things....

but it means getting the thing done.


I have a very abundant Fig Tree.  This is its first year to have lots of fruit - enough that I need to do something with it so that it will not be thrown out.

I made fig preserves this morning.  YAY!!  Mother used to make the best Fig Preserves.  I didn't know they were so easy.  Mom, you're busted!  I thought it would be so hard.  

Laura Beth and John and Ada are travelling to Scottsboro tomorrow....just when we thought they weren't.  I can't wait to see them and get my hands on John.  They will be here so briefly but it's worth it to me and I plan to meet LB halfway to intercept Ada so that the trip won't be so harrowing for Laura Beth.  (This is my idea, not Laura Beth's - to meet her - I just want to encourage her travels here to S'boro - I remember those long trips home - with babies)

We have a very fun baby shower on Saturday for Esther's little girl Charlotte.  She writes about her at the place I just highlighted, and if you missed that you can go here to read her great posts regarding the upcoming arrival of precious Charlotte in late August.  I get so excited when I see she's put up a new post.

Sheets have been washed - just have to get them on the beds.

And.... I need to cut grass - I WANT to cut grass - so will have to go get gasoline and pick up 2 wrapped gifts at  Gina's and Grapevine in Scottsboro.  Oh - and my prescription at CVS.

TASKS, tasks, tasks.  Is that where we get tsk, tsk, tsk?  Here in the south we say that.  I guess we say tsk over tasks.  Silly.

I've already been to WalMart and needed available healthy and desirable food for the girls and myself....and the grandchildren.

So - very active day - but I want to get to my yard.

Let me close.  Things to do.  Sarah is on her way here.  Kate will be coming home tomorrow - and Laura Beth and the children - and Ann is probably as glad as I am to have her sisters here in town.


ESS the MESS said...

Awe, thanks for the sweet comments!!! I'm so excited to see all the Rhodes girls at the shower. Can I become an honorary Rhodes?!!

Rose said...

alot to do. ifind myself overkill when company comes. it's still great to have friends and family. we have a small fig tree not much figs. love to eat figs. take care. Rose in Ga.