Saturday, July 10, 2010

3rd Spinoff from the Clothesline Post

This has got to end.

And it will.

I was challenged to find an Ivory Soap image - from the 40s and 50s.

I did manage to find one, but it was too small to show up very well in my photo library.

The following will have to do.  It's as far back as I could go.  However - that search led me down other paths and I will now share all these images I found - there are so many out there and I just had to stop - and some I couldn't find - but at another time - I will look some more.

Welcome to what some of my past looked like - TAH DAHHHHHH!

First - the only 2 Ivory Soap Boxes I could find - but they are not from the forties.  They look more like early sixties to me.  My mom used Dreft.  Pink Dreft.  And the commercial showed the lady pouring the fine pink powder through her beautiful fingers with long fingernails.  I can remember standing on a chair at the sink - Mother was going to let me "help" with the dishes - and  per my instructions we had to reenact that beautiful sensuous commercial, using my 4 or 5 year old hands.  I held my hands over the sink as we poured the powder in, saying what was said on the commercial.  I've forgotten the lines.

Speaking of beautiful hands - I finally found an image of how I remember Jergens Lotion and it even shows the beautiful hands.  I wanted mine to look like these.  I loved the smell of Jergens.  It's all we ever used.

I'm just going to show the next pictures and if anyone has comments or questions feel free.
Know that all of these images are very very very familiar to me.

Mr. Clean
Order this off the back of a Cheerios Box.  
Politically Incorrect in 2010

I'd dare say these are paper straws.
Remember Paper Straws?

an old home perm
the crayons above?  Mother never bought me this size - but I wanted them.

And the picture of the ice block.  didn't go to the grocery store or gas station or walmart to get a bag of ice.  Nope - went to the ice house and they would grind it up.  A block of ice.  And would put the ground ice in a very heavy, several thicknesses, paper bag. 
I've heard a story of a pregnant lady who was so hot, she got a block of ice like this one and put the fan on one side and she sat on the other side of the ice, with the fan blowing the cold ice air on her face and chest and stomach.  That was before air conditioning.
Mother just didn't buy us a lot of different cereals.  I remember Cheerios and Corn Flakes.  
None of that heavy sugared stuff for us.  Only in my dreams.
This drink was a new sensation and Mother didn't normally buy us this kind of marketed new thing.  She folded once, I remember, and bought us these.  Fizzie Tablets.  Just this once.

Loved Bubble Gum.  It was rare that I got any.  I loved it.

Lifesavers haven't changed much.  This ad doesn't even look old, but it is.
Again, I remember this drink, but it was early sixties and I don't remember its being a regular item in our pantry.
I loved Cheerios with bananas, and I also had a huge crush on Wyatt Earp - at one time.
that was when I was a bit older, after I outgrew my crush on Roy Rogers.
Corn Flakes - also with bananas on top.  Loved them.
As a little girl, these images just enthralled me - I was in awe of them and red lipstick.
I thought it was too beautiful for words.
Couldn't find this in Evergreen - only in the cities I travelled to - Montgomery, Pensacola, I guess that's it.
Daddy didn't wear this but I remember the commercials.
And this classic look - it could be in any city or small town in the United States. We've all been there.
If we're my age and older.  Haven't we?

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Rose said...

wow! so many memories about most of these products. the boxes had so much color and art work. thanks