Monday, July 19, 2010

We're Back

I turned 59 while I was away.

July 14, 1951 - I was born - so - here we are - 59 years later and Charlie and I took 3 of our 5 grandchildren to Orange Beach.  I only wish Ada could have been with us.  John, too, but when he's older.

We had a wonderful time.

Sarah and Kate were with us through Saturday and Mary Ann was with us the whole time.

They were too adorable, the children.

Take a look....

(Sarah took all of these pictures)

At the Gulf - or Perdido Pass

And behind our condominium - on the bay/canal 

The group - after a great seafood dinner - Charlie is the photographer

And for dessert - Daylight Donut Shop - So Good!

And of course, the Pool

The kids did amazingly well - away from their parents - real troopers.
The ride home became a test of endurance for all of us - around about, hmmmm, 2 hours from home.
We left Orange Beach at 9:30 - had to drop the key off in Gulf Shores - 
so officially were leaving the beach at 10:00.  Took Mary Ann home 2 hours later in Evergreen. Ate lunch. Visited Aunt Mary and Cousin Melissa for about one hour.  
Left Evergreen at 2:00.  Ate Dinner north of Birmingham at 5:00-6:00.
Arrived home at 7:45.  

They were so glad to see their Mom who was waiting at our house.  She was so glad to see them.
And she took them home to Steve who was, I think, doing a little "tidying up" around the house.
That's what I heard Ann say.  :-)


Mary Ann said...

Great blog post! Loved seeing the pictures again, and some I had not seen.

I was glad to get news of the rest of y'all's trip back, and to know what time y'all arrived in S'boro.

Talk to you later.

Rose said...

lovely and fun photos. i think it was great you took the children to the beach.