Thursday, July 8, 2010

I hung clothes out this morning.

On my clothes line.

Just maybe 6 items.  That's a lot for this time, for me, in 2010.

I can't do that without spiraling back in time first to Mother.

Before we had clothes driers.  Before Mother did.  We were always last to get the new convenient, entertaining appliance.

Her lessons on "how to hang clothes, efficiently, on the clothesline".  And you better know that if I cut corners, she corrected it.  She wanted her clothes hung properly and she wanted me to help with it.  I assume she was teaching Mary Ann the same lessons.  Was she, Mary Ann?

I can recall many sister quarrels out at the clothesline, when we were both assigned to that task.  And Mother coming out, exasperated, not really angry, but scolding.  Wanting us to just do the job and not kill each other doing it.  I know she was watching us through the windows, checking on us, making sure we were completing the task.  And then she could see our body language, our faces, I guess.  I don't know.

So how do we hang clothes?  Those neat corners.  Shake it out, the piece of clothing.  Getting the wrinkles out.   As little in the clothes pin as possible.  Don't want to leave too many clothespin marks.  Not too much thickness in the clothes pin.  I am, now, when I mostly dry my clothes, still very meticulous about it.  I am the same way when I hang them in my laundry room.

Shortly after taking these pictures, I heard voices.
and just as I suspected....

That is some "bedhead" Ellie has going on, on the side of her head.  Isn't it?  It must have calmed down.  I don't recall its being that out of control during the morning.
Ann is going somewhere and was bringing her three to my house.  I knew they were coming, just didn't know it was that time.
and Luke wanted to show me the contents of his backpackBut then proceeded to tell me how his daddy would be picking him and Ellie up for lunch at MacDonalds.  Always excited about a happy meal and lunch with Daddy.and Ellie always wants to know how to play the piano, in her pink ballerina clothes.
Shortly after these pictures were taken Ellie and Luke got into a quarrel much the same way that Mary Ann and I used to.  I had to step out of pleasant grandmother mode and turn into the adult in charge and teach how not to fight with sibling.  How is that done?  And don't all siblings fight?  But we have to keep teaching how not to.  


Mary Ann said...

Yes, Mother had exact ways of hanging the different items on the line. I remember how you could connect some items with clothespins, like bath towels, washcloths, and dish towels, but, like you said, she didn't want too much of the item pinned over the line. As much as I probably grumbled over having to hang out the clothes, I look back on that task with fondness. Go figure.

Love the pictures of Ellie, Luke, and Ann.

Mary Ann

linda said...

My mom used a wringer washer and hung the clothes out on the line. I remember helping her put the clothes through the wringer, shaking them out, laying them neatly in the basket, then hanging them.
I hung my clothes out through my first two kids, then i got 'modernized'.
Lovely photos of the clothes on the line.

Rose said...

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