Monday, July 12, 2010

Rainy Monday Morning Thanksgiving

This is one of those delightful moments 8:04 AM on July 12, 2010.  Raining outside on this Monday morning.  I'm in my house on my couch.  Very very very quiet in the house.

I love it.  It's rather dark outside because of the clouds so full of rain - heavy rain - and I have no where to go for now.  I do have an appointment in Huntsville at 12:45 - but I don't mind that.

I hate it for anyone who has somewhere early to be on this rainy Monday - getting wet - in and out of their car - but for me - I'm loving the quiet.

I can see through the dining room, which is dark, and out the window the heavy, wet magenta crepe myrtle blooms.  While it's too late for the dried hydrangea mopheads, still the bush itself is surely lapping up this water being poured on the ground - the roots absorbing the wet wet wet rain water.  And my faithful grass weeds - my whole assortment of whatever it is we call "our grass".  It will be green and shaggy from the rain and the overdue mowing and I'll enjoy tidying up all of that - hopefully tomorrow - if we don't have more rain.

I think the rain has stopped.
For now.
It's lighter and greener outside.
I'm getting more sun through the clouds through my window.
And I need to get up and do things.

But I really enjoyed that quiet 55 minutes.


Stephanie said...

ahhh, how I miss those rainy, southern mornings. Thanks for sharing! I felt as if I was there!

Rose said...

have had little rain would love some