Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I Am Back....from South Alabama

I drove down on Monday to Evergreen.  I went back to this place......these ghosts......

Images - Roots - What shaped me - What I knew...Whom I knew and Who made for me my base.....

Sister, Mary Ann and Aunt, Mary, for starters and then follow,
cousin, Suzanne and then, Mother, with both of us. sisters, sisters, sisters, always the two of us.

I drove down on Monday. Mary Ann was to have a colon screening on Tuesday.  Mary Ann is my sister if you've never read this post.  Our first medical thing for me to "help her with".  She needed a driver.  Neither of us was looking forward to any of it.  It went great - good report - no weirdness - we were applauding ourselves for being "big girls" about the whole thing.  Mary Ann being the more mature since she was having the procedure.  

and I drove away from that world, Evergreen, my roots, 
around 9:00 and came back to my present - which is a gift and so blessed - and so in the present.
North Alabama.

But...while in E'green ....  had the best visit with my Aunt Mary.  I love her so - and my cousin, Melissa - but had already visited in B'ham, on the way down, with Cousin, Mary Claire and Couin-in-law and Friend, Martha.  Blessed, blessed treats.  Thank you, Lord.  Plus, very positive, "I love my life" cell phone talks with Kate and two youngest.  Thank you, Lord, again.


rhodes1 said...

I'm glad you enjoyed Evergreen. I'm excited about coming home to my roots tomorrow. Of course, Evergreen sometimes feels like just as much my roots as Scottsboro does, but anyways, I'm excited to come home tomorrow.

What I really wanted to say was, look at how especially cute Luke looks in that picture! That face.

Rose said...

where is Evergreen? i live in North Ga. loks like the time spent went well. love the pics. sometimes our mothers put too much on us ex type of head piece. take care Rose