Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Evening

It's Sunday afternoon/evening and I "haven't got a thing".... to talk about.

Isn't that what friends do?  Get together because we want to - we have coffee or something to "sip" in our hands - or nothing at all - but we want conversation - community - pieces of our heart to be shared.

What do you want to talk about?

So we start with stuff, facts, questions about each other -

I'll tell you this.

It's been a good, a really nice Sunday.  I never nap and I did.  Naps have ALWAYS been hard for me.  I napped today.

That was one of the first clues toward knowing I was pregnant with Ann.  I had just told a friend, at work, "I never nap".  Went home, at about 3:00, prior to Charlie's getting home for work, and I conked out watching "M.A.S.H."    I was asleep when he got home from work.  I thought it was coincidence and laughed next day when I told Janice that I actually fell asleep in the afternoon following my nap comment.  I did the same thing next two days.  

In those days, my routine:  I went to work really early - really early - like at about 7:00.  It was optional then - flex hours - and only 30 min. for lunch - so I could get home around 3:00.  I've ALWAYS loved "being at home".  I'd get home - undo, unpack, unwind - and end up watching M.A.S.H. on afternoon T.V.  Charlie would come in when the show was getting over.  I never even thought about falling asleep.  That first afternoon I did.  Also, I carpooled with this friend, to work - we both went in at 7:00.

Charlie and I lived in English Village right in the cute part of the heart of Mtn. Brook in Birmingham.  So, this friend of mine, with whom I carpooled, I remember his picking me up - and I had already been feeling a bit queasy.  Okay - the obvious clue for me could have been the obvious know?  missing the "you-know-what".  That queasy feeling happened for a couple of days.  Still, I wasn't getting it.

Other obvious clue.  Charlie and I went over to Samford's track each afternoon to run.  All of a sudden I couldn't run my usual distance without getting incredibly winded/out of breath way too soon. Again - I wasn't getting it.

Other conversation with Janice at work - again - naps in the afternoon continue - not getting that clue - but as girls will talk either about their birthing experiences or their "cycles" - go figure why we do that - well, in the middle of "I still haven't st...........ed" - we both gasped.  We wondered.

Not a big deal, home preg tests in that day.  Went to Jancie's doctor with her because she happened to be going the next day and knew him and the office and wanted me to go ahead and find out.  I did, we did, and I was.


See?  We can think of stuff to talk about.  Just throw something out there and, well, most of us have a story.  This random story began with a nap comment.

That little baby?  Ann?  She's 29.  I was 29 when I had my first.  I had my fourth at age 36.  She's 29 and is pregnant with her fourth.  We just found out this week.  I have absolutely no idea how all those years and that moment went by so fast.  No idea.  We are all a breath.  A mist.  Life is a blink.

I am so very very very grateful that my heart and soul are planted in the creator of all things.  The one true God.  For me, it's all for His Glory and that is all the purpose - all the meaning.

He is the Redeemer.  The Saviour of our souls.  Thank you, Lord.

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Rose said...

thanks for sharing this part of your life being pregnant. time passes quick as you mentioned that your child is now 29. my son will turn 37 this month where did the years go?