Tuesday, December 1, 2009

First Day of December

I am traveling to Huntsville and to Auburn today, but have preposted these Christmas Images to share with anyone who likes fifties memorabilia. After today I hope to pull out Christmas pictures from the 80's - when my 4 girls were recording their memories. That's a whole other experience, being the parent and making the magic. Below is a collage of images that I pulled off the internet. This is the all I have in color, but what childhood looked like to me during some of my Christmases.
Next are more black and whites I have and have managed to scan into my computer. The next 3 are of a Christmas Party in Mary Ann's first grade classroom. Mary Ann was 6 and I attended this party with Mother. The teacher was Mrs. Wiggins who also was my first grade teacher and a close friend of our family.

Can you pick out Mrs. Wiggins?
She's in the back, in the middle of the photo.
Mary Ann is 2nd from Mrs. Wiggins' left.
She's holding her cup in her right hand and has on a white blouse with straps to her jumper. I'm guessing that was red plaid.

Above are classmates standing in line at the decorated table.
Notice around the classroom, how much Mrs. Wiggins put into decorating for Christmas....
The pretend mantle against the wall,
The Santa Image,
The centerpiece on the table, which I'm sure the moms who were helping did that.

In this picture, a lineup of the moms who were there.
Mother is the 6th from the left.
She has her arms folded and is holding a cup, looking down at me. I really do remember that moment.
Really. I took a step out and am staring at the little blonde girl, Elaine Mason who is standing in front of Betty Su Brittain.
Between Betta Su and Mother stands Ola Mason. In front of Ola is Mary Catherine Mason who also was in the first grade with Mary Ann. I remember as the photo was going to be taken, because Mary Catherine was standing in front of her mom, Betty Su said that Elaine could be her little girl and so Elaine was standing in front of Betty Su. That kinda freaked me out - I guess I wondered how all of that was going to "go down" with Elaine - would she be okay with it - anyway - I remember having to "stare" at the situation to get a read on everyone's face - etc. - in my 4 year old way.

Moving on... I'm in the 3rd grade.
Below is a picture of Jeannie Price and myself. Her mom is the one with the Polaroid Camera. That was such a big deal then and so cool for her to have that really great camera which developed pictures on the spot.

Jeannie and I were lighting candles in our 3rd grade play. I loved being in plays. Loved it. We had really special roles doing that - coming out onto the stage, just the two of us, while the class was singing carols. I loved it! Anyway - our moms made these white choir robe things and then the big bows. Nothing like a good Christmas Play to kick off Christmas Vacation - although it was actually the Christmas Party that ushered in the school vacation...wasn't it?
That's all I've got in my computer.
I'm sure I could find more.
But for today on this first day of December 09,
that's it.
Now we can continue to make memories -
and really good ones, I hope.

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