Saturday, December 19, 2009

4 or 5?

is it 4 or 5 more days?


4 whole days.

Then, it's Christmas.

Am I ready? Well, not totally, but better than I've been.

I still have to get something for Luke and Ada - but I know what I'm after....oh, and one more adult gift - and I know, too, what I'm after - so then I'll be done - but there's also the grocery shopping and stocking of the pantry.

We moved Sarah home yesterday!

She is done. She is graduated from Auburn University!!!! Yay!!!! Kate is done with this semester and will be home on Sunday. When Kate returns to Auburn in January, she'll be going into her final semester. Can't believe it!

Today I have been wrapping gifts, completing a few more homemade ornaments - updating my picture ornament collection. Had to have 2009 pix of the grandchildren on the tree.

I hear that Scott, Laura Beth and Ada will be here on Tuesday. Mary Ann will arrive on Wednesday - and then we'll head into the final celebration of this Merry, Holy Season.

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