Monday, December 14, 2009

Phones and Artist Genes

Well, I was thinking about phones and how I avoid making phone calls.....
and I think it might go back to my very earliest years.
but first.....

I have some pictures to post which amaze me regarding Ellie.
She was working very hard on a project this morning at my house. I really just "humored" her by giving her the items she requested - mainly hair pins.... because obviously she can't use a needle at age 4....although I'm sure it's been done. I just can't be the teacher.

Ellie's Dress.

Can you see the shape of it?

Let me explain that I have this pillowcase which was already tattered and I just ripped the seams to make a sheet or covering, a light one, for a small baby in a crib. I think I must have used it on my babies and it was saved and somehow found its way into the dressup box at my house for the granddaughters.
Ellie owns it. She uses it for her "improv". It becomes every costume and she always wants to take it home. I tell her "okay", but then it won't be here (thinking I can easily rip up another pillowcase) - and also - Ann has enough "stuff" at her house - she doesn't want another piece of junk in the "kids' room". It continues to stay here and Ellie continues to "go for it" - she drapes it and requests that I "pin" it to secure it - and she's off with a new costume.
So, again, this morning she was "working on something". These pictures reveal that she designed a dress - and she loved it - and didn't want anyone to mess it up. When I saw the shape of it and realized the image - I began to applaud it - and then she wanted to "add something to it". Ellie loves "things" around the waist - and we do have a few scarves in dressup - she thinks they are beautiful - and used them for her dress design. The reader of this blog can see that as she works on her dress design that she is also wearing a very basic "ellie design". So basic, compared to her normal creations.

(couldn't resist one more of Andrew)

I think she has the "gene"....the creative gene....I just hope she has gotten a heavy dose of it. A little bit of it can be maddening - enough to drive one a little bit crazy - but not enough to make one super duper successful in the business. Well - we'll see.

the phone thing....I've been thinking about that lately.

When I was little - as far back as I can remember - we had a phone which had no curly cord, it was a straight cord and we didn't have even a hint of a dial thing on the front. We just had a disc and a little plastic thing with our number behind it. Our phone number was 382. I still remember the numbers of certain friends and family. Jeannie's was 599. Rachel's was 811, or was that Ella's? I think Rachel's was 284 or 264. Jane's was 28. Marilyn's was 194-J...or was that Jeannie Knox's? Somebody's was 943. That might have been Jeannie Knox's. I should remember Ella's. And I should remember Ellen's - I called it enough. Sad I can't remember it.

Really young, before I was in first grade - I made my first phone call. To make it I had to pick up the phone and wait for the operator. She would say, "Number, please". And then that was my cue to say to her the number I was calling. I don't know who I was calling - on that first phone call of my life - but...I fumbled the ball. I stuttered, something went wrong - and I messed up in telling the operator the number of the person I wanted to call. It floored me. I got "phone fright". Something like stage fright....I couldn't make another phone call. It was a crisis for us. I went into first grade unwilling to make a phone call to anyone, ever.

Doesn't sound like a big deal - does it? It was a big deal in our family. If I was at school, or anywhere - and needed to call mother - well - I couldn't. I remember one afternoon, being scheduled to go home with Ellen Nix. Her mom picked us up, I was all settled in the back seat and Mrs. Nix turned around to confirm that Mother did remember I was going home with them. I can see her pretty, kind face - confirming it - and I panicked. I didn't know. I just assumed the grownups had it worked out. I said, with some doubt, "I guess so". She heard my doubt and thought I should go into the school office to call mom and make sure. I panicked. I couldn't make phone calls. I told her it would be fine and I was sure Mom knew. She took that. We went to Ellen's house and I'm sure I had a great time. I loved going to Ellen's house. Ellen's mom was the first "real artist" I knew and it was always creative and fun there. I loved the atmosphere.

But...the phone thing. I guess Mother was aware of my debilitating fear - and knew she had to work on it, gently. One day - just Mother and me at home - and she worked through it with me - she had me call Ella - I did it and it was done. I didn't mess up. The operator and I communicated. I got it done. When Mary Ann and Daddy were at home, later, our plan was for Mother to ask that I call Ella - and of course we knew Mary Ann and Daddy would know my fear and be curious that Mother would ask me to do that. She did it, I did it, and to their surprise, I called Ella.

I lived through my childhood, teen and adult years, making phone calls. Of course, somewhere in my teen years we switched to dialed numbers. Ours was 9101. I suppose it started out with 578 9101 or maybe the exchange came along later. Florence's was 578 2464. She's moved. Ella's was 578 1181...I think - and I can't say the others because they've never moved and still have the same number.

Here's the point. I am NOT afraid of phone calls - but - it is my most procrastinated chore. Does that have to do with that early fear? last week - at the beginning of last week - I knew I needed to call my hair guy in H'ville to change my hair appointment. I HAVE to do that. I need a haircut and I can't go on the "day of" - but I won't call him. I TOLD myself to do that this morning. DO IT, I said. DO IT!!!!! I still haven't. Why is that? It's that way with all phone calls. I get someone else to make them, if I can. Crazy.

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rhodes1 said...

As I read about Ellie and saw the dress, I got so excited! At the same time however, I can't help but think, poor thing. One of my professors gave a small speech at our final review about how if we artists weren't born needing to make art, we certainly wouldn't pick it, because its not an easy life. However, its fun to see Ellie being creative!