Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tuesday Before Christmas

With things to do - not much else to say - I'll post images of how Christmas is looking around my house 3 days before December 25, 2009.

1. Little Andrew - he's the newest little ornament this year.
2. Charlie brought home this huge jar of the most delicious peanut brittle. Somebody he works with gave him a jar and also gave a jar to the office. Look how it's disappearing. We can't resist it. It was full yesterday when he brought it home.
3. 2 Christmas necklaces saved from childhood days of one of my girls. Remember the gold bead garland and the colored Christmas light bulb with a bow and a face painted on the light bulb? Put together with a glue gun. and voila - a Christmas Necklace!
4. Our gift tag station in the dining room.
5. The dining table used for wrapping gifts.
6. This year it occurred to me, at the last minute, to put the childrens' pictures on their gifts - since they can't read - well, Ellie can recognize her name - but not Luke or Ada - so now they can see their pictures and know it's their gift.
7. Then I decided to do it for the adults as well....and let the children hand out the gifts from around my tree. This one is for Ann.

8. And this one is for Scott.......

9. And for my sister, Mary Ann, and so on and so on.....I think the kids will enjoy it. And us adults can laugh at each other's pictures. Some of us, well, it was hard to find really great pictures. Mine and Charlie's are rough - but it will be fun.
10. Meet some of my ornaments. This angel is looking up, up, under the glow of lights and ribbon and needles on the tree.

11. And this Christmas Ornament is floating through the tree, carrying a clear globe, filled with a treasure for someone.

12. Another beautiful Christmas angel.

13. and then we are back to the gift tag station, green ribbon and a box of old photos, marked "christmas"....for anyone to look at and reminisce.

14. My treasured Nativity.....collected over many years.

15. Mary gazing at her baby boy, along with Joseph.
16. An angel purchased so many years ago at the Village Square Gift and Frame shop...remember that? It was on the square.
17. And an old angel candle given to mom by a friend in Troy, AL - and Mother gave it to me. It is very old.

18. My bowl of Christmas Cards - my treasures.
19. Plenty of disposable cups purchased at Wal-Mart, today. It's either that or we all should be hooked up to IV's - considering the consumption of diet cokes/crystal light/water/coffee that will take place....oh, and "appy juice" - but that's served in a sippy cup. :-)

20. My metal Candy Cane sign.

21. My embroidered Merry Christmas sign done by Mary Ann so many years ago.

22. And last, and yes, least....can anyone tell what this is? Ant bait....All the rain, we're guessing, sent them up to our drier and "sweeter" counter tops. They showed up for the holidays on Saturday. Had to get this bait on Sunday afternoon - and it does the trick everytime. But I have to leave them out for the latecomer ants. So they are adding to my Christmas decorations...not very festive...hmmmm...wonder if an ornament has ever been made out of an old round ant bait disc. I bet someone will do it..not me.
Merry Merry Merry Christmas on this Tuesday before the big day.

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Laura Forman said...

I LOVE the idea of putting pictures on Christmas presents...that is great! I might just have to use that next year when we are back in our home and actually get to wrap Christmas presents! We are still here in Bangkok waiting on little Jack's arrival...it will be here before you know it! You all have a wonderful Christmas! I love you all!! :)