Wednesday, December 2, 2009

2nd Day of Christmas Season

We returned last night at 11:30. So wet and cold outside and I was so sleepy - but it was all worth it.

We attended Sarah's senior show and it was wonderful - majorly de ja vu - I've been a mom and housewife for 30 years now and out of that very artsy world of Auburn students and instructors who somehow mesh with all the athletic hoopla of Auburn University. Walking down the halls of Biggin which I've heard Sarah talk about so much - her studio - and going and coming -

in the 70's Biggin was home to the Architectural Students and us Graphic Design Students were across the street in rundown Smith Hall. Smith Hall has been restored and is home to something else. Biggin houses all the Art Students. I can't remember where the aspiring architects are.

Anyway - I felt rather emotional walking those halls, looking through doors and seeing the paint spattered walls and work tables. Seeing student work on the walls before we even got to the show where Sarah's work was displayed. I've heard her stories about herself and the other 3 guys who were doing their senior projects.....some of you have read about it on Sarah's blog. It was a world I haven't been in, not like that, where Art is of primary importance - Primary - creative art, different stuff, thinking outside the box - always always - looking and analyzing and absorbing, visually - It is not a world of living rooms and kitchens and beds that need making and craft projects - it's not a world of scrapbooking - or painting pumpkin faces - it's not elementary school children - it's not toddlers or any age children but for the babies who are now college seniors. It's not the smell of scented candles and comet or clothes detergent - I didn't hear the Disney Chanel - just murmuring voices, looking and discussing what was seen on the walls - and surely I smelled oil paint - surely - and canvas and anything else used to go into making these very important works of art which are intended to launch careers - hopefully - I saw incredible relief in Sarah's face after a summer and fall semester of angst over the outcome - and there we were at the very successful outcome. I loved it and could cry now as I lived through my soon-to-be 24 year old daughter who, as of January, will be too old to be counted as a dependent. No more Daddy's wonderful medical insurance coverage - no more tax break for us - no more money to Auburn for Sarah's education - Now what? Sarah had one adult discuss with her the possibility of purchasing a piece - another professor told her she should consider a residency. I have no idea what that is - but I've heard of it and it sounds really fun to me - I wish I could consider a residency. I want to do it too. Please, somebody! Anyway - I jumped on that one and told Sarah she should do that. Kate said, "What's a residency?" and I said I didn't know, but it sounds wonderful.... We had a great day in Auburn - took the girls out to eat and drove home.

Meanwhile - in Scottsboro - precious Andrew was recovering from his little "wee-wee" surgery. So cute and he's doing great and Ann will blog about that eventually -

Mary Ann returned to Evergreen this morning and for today...

Merry Christmas Season - it's December 2.

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