Sunday, December 27, 2009

More Favorites....

Pictures I found on my camera today, after Laura Beth and Scott and Ada left. I took the ones of Andrew, and also of Ada at the Piano, but the last 3 were taken today as Kate and Charlie and I were in the kitchen getting lunch on the table. I love this stuff - baby faces/hands/toes/Ada being Ada with her hair so wild. Missing from the group are Luke/Ellie/and Kate.
Goopy Vanilla Wafer junk all over precious little hands

That wrist!

Ahhhhhh....the TOES!

Ada playing the piano(pretending to play) with a neck/face warmer on her head and still in her Curious George PJ's.

Her hair when she takes off the head piece.

Mom getting and giving so much sugar!

Loving those babies!

Doing Art!

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Mary Ann said...

Great blog. Thanks for all the pictures. Love the closeups of Andrew's hands and toes.