Wednesday, December 16, 2009

9 days 'til Christmas

Nine more days!

The big question on the streets is "Are you ready for Christmas?" Everywhere I go they ask it. I ask it.

So...are you?

I did make the phone call to my hairdresser...yesterday morning. There was a spot at 5:15 yesterday evening. So, I saw the possibility of a spur-of-the-moment-semi-Christmas-date. I called Charlie and he said that Yes, he could drive over there with me. So that's what we did. He milled around in Fresh Market while I got my hair shampooed and cut....I found out that some of the folks in there would be there until 9:00. That's Artisan's on Whitesburg. Some of the stylists take customers very late. If anyone needs an evening haircut.

We ate at O'Charley's. That's our "don't-spend-too-much-money-but-still-sit-down" place. Their rolls are like doughnuts. I was so hungry.

After that to SteinMart...Charlie always looking for a good price on a white shirt. He found 1. I did a little "christmas shopping" - can't tell what I's a surprise - and then we went home.

I am out of face powder and liquid makeup and eye cream. My plan was to go to the mall and get those at Belks. After SteinMart I told Charlie I couldn't do it, I just couldn't face the mall. I have to be fresh for that. As I got in the car I mumbled, "I don't wear that much makeup anyway".

Home we went.

Crashed a bit and now it's Wednesday and 9 days 'til Christmas.

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