Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tuesday Morning...or...the "day after"

I actually am sitting here at my computer with a new outfit on...it's the day after I went shopping...and I can only imagine what the people on the reality show, "What Not to Wear", would say about my shopping choices. But I don't care. I'm comfortable and all my flaw spots are not being hugged and tugged on by fabric.

I avoid going to Huntsville these days. I avoid going anywhere these days. Being transparent here....my addiction is "to be at home". Seriously - I never expected such an extreme development in my brain as I aged - is anyone else out there the same way? I go places but it wrenches something out of me and there is incredible relief when I return to my abode. It conflicts with this other thing - I really really enjoy people and I like to interact with all sorts of folks - but it's not like there's a parade of human beings coming through my door - well - there's the family, of course - but I am talking about non family - Anyway - didn't mean to get off on that -

I went to Huntsville yesterday mainly to get some Matte Photo Paper which I found at OfficePro or OfficeMax - I think it's OfficePro - next to Best Buy. I love that paper and am using it for my Christmas Cards - but I needed another box of it. It's all the way on the other side of Huntsville.

Who goes to Huntsville regularly? Are we all aware of that detour when going through Hampton Cove? What is that detour about? My son in law, Steve, broke the rules and didn't take the detour. He was curious to see what was down there. He got through. Ann was with him and told me about it.

It would have made sense to go the "old way" to H'ville - straight to I 565 and go out to OfficePro and get the photo paper and work myself back to Parkway City Mall and then to Target in Jones Valley - BUT - I needed to go to that MailPro first. I love that place. They box it, they label it, and they mail it.

So - not having the nerve to break the rules - but wanting to sooo badly - I took the detour - so long - and trying to make it a lesson in patience and learning to slow down - I got to MailPro - mailed packages to Kate and Laura Beth - and then to Target with grocery list and little girl list for a child chosen by Charlie through the Kiwanis club....for Christmas....

Then I had to face my demons - find something decent to wear - but don't spend tons of money - My two brands that work on me - obviously "Hot Cotton" - It's elastic in the waist with loose fabric hanging down. That is wonderful at any age, but a woman can get away with it at age 58. The other brand is Jones of New York ... for some reason it works for me. Oh - at SteinMart there's a great brand that starts with a P, but I can't think of the name of it. I was just doing Belks yesterday.

People, it's hard work shopping. It is! If I was really really toned and really really thin and really really wealthy - well - it would be a pleasure and a delight - but I'm none of those and so it's hard work. So funny - realize that on Monday during the day - it's mostly women in my age bracket at the mall - And over in the section where I was shopping - the section for women who are a bit matronly - well - noone looks too eager to go into the dressing rooms and try on the load of clothing in her arms. But we all did it. I worked so hard and did come out with one skirt by Jones of New York, 2 tops by JofNY, and 2 pants by Hot Cotton and one Hot Cotton Jacket. I had found 2 sweaters, lightweight and loose at Target, didn't try them on until I got home and they worked!!! Yay!

Isn't it funny about shopping? It can almost bring tears, anger, intense frustration, and then complete happiness if something actually works and is flattering. Weird about that fact.

I was in Belks for so long and then a quick run through William Sonoma and Pottery Barn (purchasing nothing but wanting everything) , that when I went outside it was DUSK!!! Wow! Shopping is a big job and not fun to me. It was raining and I just could not drive over to OfficePro and get the main thing I was in the city for. the photo paper. I'll just get it another day. I'll drive straight to it - walk in - and get it, and I'll enjoy it.

Have a Merry December 8th.

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