Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday Night

Charlie and I have Ellie, Andrew and Luke tonight.
I am presently sitting at the computer

while Andrew plays with the "little people".

This is what I mean by "little people". Toys by Fisher Price. I saved these from the 80's when my girls played with them.

Going after the stoplight.

Looking at it.

And into the mouth.

Ellie is in her usual dressup attire.....

headed for the living room

and Luke is around the house squeaking a crab - it's a squeak toy. He knows I can't handle the noise very well, so he is thoughtful enough to go to another part of the house

to squeak it.

The Crab.

But now Ellie has engaged Luke in some sort of classroom pretend game.

Charlie is out and about getting the right plugs, cords, etc. to complete his lighting of our crepe myrtles outside.
He didn't find what he needed and is very frustrated.
We've ordered Pizza.
And that is our night.
Merry Christmas Weekend.


LB said...

love it all, and wish that Ada and I were there in the mix. Look at Andrew getting in on the Little People play. I guess it will continue to be a favorite among the grandchildren.

Mary Ann said...

Thanks for posting the pictures. So adorable.