Thursday, December 17, 2009

Keep Scrolling.....

I notice that people. really cute, creative people, blog and talk about all the things they make. I always plan to do that, but then I don't. Mine isn't really that sort of blog - in which I show people what I've made and then they want to go out and make the same stuff - plus I can't take these really cool pictures of my stuff which would make it even more desirable to try to imitate. I just go on and on and on about my day and about memories and random thoughts - it's more of an editorial page kind of blog, I suppose.
on this day when I have run out of things to "talk" about and I want to perpetuate this blog, and I don't need to keep putting up pictures of my grandchildren, because that's for their moms to do, ....... well.....I'll just show pictures of my projects.

Go to Laura Beth's blog to see the mantel and stockings I made for her - not by her request - but when I saw what she wanted from Etsy - well - who can't tear fabric and tie knots, if they don't have a toddler/preschooler in tow? I did have to use her sewing machine which is at my house.
This is my one "Tutorial"...I have chosen to put copper cup hooks underneath my mantel. YES! I have drilled a hole into that fine, stained hardwood - so that at Christmas, I have a way to hang my garland WITHOUT rearranging my entire mantel. Noone has ever noticed them during the other 11 months. They are always there.

I made these gift tags, per Ann's request because she was swamped with just getting the teacher gifts together. I remember that stress.
Oops! how did that picture get in on this post!!??
....and....wish I had my camera so the reader could see these very hydrangeas dried out and the vase filled with Christmas Balls - with the dry hydrangeas sitting in this very vase. Nice Southern Christmas touch, I think! I would call that a project....the growing, cutting, and drying of hydrangeas - oh - and turning them into a Christmas arrangement.
That's all.

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