Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Charlie and I went to see 2 movies yesterday.

First we saw, "It's Complicated".
Second we saw, "The Blind Side".

Very good movies. It's Complicated has a little "stuff" which can be awkward and some comments and conversations in the script are inappropriate for mixed company - but being somewhat desensitized by our "world" - well - all in all it was hilarious. Meryl Streep is such a great actress and so refreshing. She's very comfortable in her own skin.

The Blind Side was really good, especially knowing that it's a true story - the bonus we got - well - on 20/20 at 9:00 was a special story about the real family who took in the real Michael Ohr. We watched that last night. Fascinating.

Hard to find things to talk about which are of any interest on this Wednesday - the next to the last day in 2009.

Time is rushing by - speeding by - and here we are about to step into 2010.

I haven't had many memorable New Year's Eve events. I do remember one year, I was in Junior High - I was with Mother out on Hwy 31 at my cousin Scott's house. It was a cold, rainy day - We had all been downstairs, in the basement, in Scott's room and came up - all four. Who remembers "picture" windows? They had one. On the back off of their dining area. It was a great view of the back and the fields - anyway - one of us looked and realized the rain had turn to snow and sleet and it looked promising and committed to sticking. You'd have to know Scott. He is so funny and fun and dear. He had to have been in the 11th grade because I was in the 7th. He got just as excited as I did about the snow. He and I were having a coniption fit over the snow. Mother quickly summoned me to the car to "get back into town" - all of maybe 5 or 7 minutes of driving. We did - and we had a great snow that New Year's Eve. I had a friend over to spend the night and we woke up to about a 3 or 4 inch blanket of snow in Evergreen, AL. Mary Ann, as I recall, was going to a spend the night party that evening. She did, so she enjoyed the snow, not on Williams Street, but across town. Great days, easy days for me. Uncomplicated and very safe.

And - now get ready - 2010. 2 more days of 2009.

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