Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

I have eaten way too much - but it's been another memorable Christmas Eve.

All of my girls and all of my grandchildren, with the exception of Andrew, are sleeping out at the Barber house. Andrew, his first Christmas, is sleeping here with Charlie and me. Isn't that funny? But think about it...he doesn't know the difference - and is completely content here at my house - so here he is. Mary Ann is at a motel where she can get some peace and quiet. Charlie and I are relaxing.

Our family ate a delicious meal tonight following our Christmas Eve service at church. The service was short and well done. We took, partook of, we did...the Lord's Supper. Our dinner menu was Steaks by Charlie. Very good - but the wind and rain have been fierce. Especially the wind. The lights threatened to go out every once in a while - but they didn't.

I suppose all are tucked in, except parents who still have much baking and wrapping of gifts. And I'm guessing children everywhere are struggling to go to sleep, with the thoughts of Christmas morning so close - and here in Scottsboro, the wind outside is rather noisy.

Merry Christmas.

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