Monday, November 30, 2009

Last Day of November

Tomorrow officially begins the Christmas Season - but I will be in Auburn -

So, don't want to miss a day not being Christmasy - only I'm having a hard time changing my colors on this blog -

I want to redesign it and was going to get help from Laura Beth or Kate during Thanksgiving - but there never was a time for that.

I'll do it over the phone. Maybe Ann can help me.

Tomorrow is a crazy day. Andrew's surgery is tomorrow. Mary Ann got here last night. She'll be here to get Ellie and Luke at school. Charlie and I will get E. and L. to school early, then go over to H'ville to check on the Barbers before we drive to Auburn for Sarah's Senior Art Show from 4:00 to 6:00 in the afternoon. It's a big deal and I am really looking forward to all of that - I just wish Andrew's surgery didn't have to be on the same day. We'll all be fine - it's just the anticipation of it all. Ellie and Luke are spending tonight with us.

So - back to this blog and posting. I'm at least trying to change the Christmas colors and want to share some 1950's photos with any reader. The ones to the right are of Mary Ann and me one Christmas. I was probably in the 4th grade and Mary Ann in the 6th. Mother had a friend take the picture with her Polaroid for a Christmas Card - only we didn't realize until much later that my zipper was unzipped. I have done some touchup with my computer photoshop to close up the zipper. Mother didn't use that for Christmas cards that year.

The next picture is our Northcutt Christmas gathering at my grandmother's house. It is so typically a 1950's Christmas. I am in the bottom right corner with the cowgirl hat on and holding my doll. Mary Ann is on the small couch with Mother. She's holding her doll. I remember that doll of Mary Ann's, her name was Kay. Mary Ann named her that and I have the blanket to that doll, here at my house. I named my doll, that year, Leta Sue, after a friend of mine who had moved away. That was the year I got my cowgirl vest and hat and guns. In those days, there were some really cool cowgirl TV shows on, like Dale Evans and Annie Oakley. I loved playing Cowgirls. So - as girly girl as I was, it fit for me to get the guns and holster and hat and vest. The other folks in the picture are Daddy, my uncle and cousins. It was all fun, and magical. Notice the tree, if you can see it - not designer stuff in those days. Just glitter and color.

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