Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving is behind us.

We had our Thanksgiving Meal on Wednesday Night....

Buttered Carrots and Zesty Green Beans

Hot Rolls

Spiced Peaches

Andrew staring at his pieces of Yeast Roll.
He really really liked them.
Ellie taking a bite.

Luke talking with Steve from his spot at the childrens' table.
Ada deciding to just "use her hands".

I put a vinyl table cloth under the kids' table.

No need to worry ourselves over possible spills

and while all of you were keeping Thursday as your day -

we were having leftovers.

It was all good.

Ann had everyone out for brunch Wednesday morning at 10:00. I took that time to regroup - think - clean up - and go into the afternoon for the final round. In the afternoon I sent Kate out to Ann's with the recipes and ingredients for Pecan/Sweet Potato Pie, Pumpkin Pie, and Sweet Potato Casserole. Ann has 2 ovens. I have one.

We ate. We filled up. The Barbers went home....except for Ellie who spent Wednesday night with us and was so cute and acting all grown up....she had had a long nap so didn't have to go to bed early..... she and I went together at 10:00.

Kate and Sarah left for Auburn, yesterday, Thursday, for THE GAME.


Charlie began experimenting with Christmas White Lights on our outdoor trees - for our seasonal decorations. We weren't sure how it would work out - the white lights in the trees....

but it turned out rather pleasing - so he's planning to take on that project himself. After he returns from driving his mom back to Pensacola.

They left this morning.

The Moores have left for McDonough - so here I have taken down all the pumpkins and gathered them on my kitchen counter. Transitioning from Fall Decorations to

staring up at my Christmas Decorations....
in my large closet

Have to decide which ones to use this year. My family doesn't think I'll do it, but there's so much going on - Sarah's Senior Show, Andrew's Surgery, Sarah's graduation and moving from Auburn - I'm planning to keep my decorating very simple. I'd rather just use what I can reach without climbing. Pull out something here and put it there. Easy - no digging or climbing - just place it on the table and it's done. That way clean up after Christmas will be easy and we can concentrate on the arrival of our little John, in February.

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