Sunday, November 8, 2009

What in the World Do I Blog About?

It's Sunday evening. I keep checking Ann's blog to see if she has posted about our yard sale - we had that on Saturday. I know not to expect it - she hasn't had a second yet to do that - I'm gonna let her talk about that event on her blog.

Laura Beth traveled here on Friday to get Ada. They returned to McDonough on Saturday - leaving during the yard sale. There were so many people in my drive I almost mistook Laura Beth for a shopper - only she was walking through my front yard, followed by little bitty Ada - because at 4:30 a.m. Ann and I had moved our personal cars out of the drive and waaaaayyyy down the street.

So....Ada has returned to McDonough to be with her mom and dad. The yard sale is behind us. I have less "stuff" in my closets and under my beds. YAY! It's Sunday evening and we are looking at Thanksgiving.

2 Blogs Posts I recommend if you are reading this and need encouragement from God's word. Today's posts on Sarah's and Kate's blog. Both daughters are in Auburn - both about 5 minutes apart with rather separate schedules. Their social lives do connect and their biological genetics keep them connected - but neither had any idea that the other was posting this morning out of their "word" from God. I highly recommend reading their posts today. and

Tomorrow is Monday and I will clean my house - and begin getting ready for Thanksgiving.

Aren't the colors beautiful here in North Alabama? November colors are different than October colors - more burgandies and deep brownish reds - less leaves - still a bit of green and orange and yellow. The air is cooler, definitely, this week - yet the sun remains ever so warm.

I regret the new health bill that has been passed in D.C. I fear that the government won't be so kind to my grandchildren in their old age. It probably won't be very kind to me in my old age - but even less and less kind as the decades go by. I am grateful that I need not fear man - because I belong to a sovereign God who set His love on me in the beginning - and if the worst I have to fear is pain and death - well - that can only lead me to eternity with the King of Kings who shed His precious blood for me.

There are believers in the world right now who are suffering that pain and that death I can only imagine - they are suffering because of their faith in Christ. Remember to pray for them.

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