Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Second Post Today

If you care to play this game...and if you are a reader of Laura Beth's blog....then can you guess what these pictures are telling you, the reader of this post?
This actually took place early this morning, before Charlie had left for work. I was distracted, just like Laura Beth has told us regarding herself while mothering Ada. I had a fleeting thought that Ada had been too quiet for too long....just like Laura Beth has talked about regarding herself with Ada. I wanted to continue in my organizing of my recipes and rationalized that Ada was probably with Charlie - actually, he was in the shower behind closed doors - and he got out of the shower to find Ada with some sort of cream and powdery pink stuff all over her face and pajama top. I heard his muffled call of distress - I jumped up - not knowing what I would find - I didn't know what was on her which scared me a bit for her safety - I explored some more. She had taken my blush brush, dabbed it in my very pricey Estee Lauder face cream for "old, tired skin" which Ada doesn't have - hers is new and not at all tired...her skin and her body. I now have blush mixed in with that cream - and some wasted nice moisturizer...nobody to blame but myself!!! It's not like we haven't read about it on Laura Beth's blog....I've been fully warned. The picture of Ada is after I cleaned her up - and she still smells of that old lady cream - and I am reminded of the good stuff(the cream) that got away.
The joke's on me.

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LB said...

oh no!!! I am so sorry. It's true; you can't turn your back for one second. She is drawn to mischief.