Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Day 4 Thanksgiving Holidays 2009

I count the holidays as beginning when the first houseguest arrives. Sarah and Kate arrived Saturday night.


Saturday Day 1: For Dinner, we had Taco Soup out at Ann's house, but that afternoon, Ellie and Luke and Andrew played in our front yard. Ann took lots of photos of them in the leaves. She left with Andrew and we had some fun Grandchild/Grandparent moments - I took a few pictures and will show those later.

Sunday Day 2: Early that morning learned that Luke had been up with coughing and fever. I volunteered to stay at home with him during church. Ann teaches Sunday School and had nursery duty. If I was going to have to miss church I preferred to be at my house instead of in the nursery subbing for Ann. I do not like missing Steve's teaching. But for a sick little Lukie - maternal takes over.
Scott and his dad dropped Laura Beth and Ada off at our house, up in the morning. Sarah and Kate went to church and Charlie left for his meeting at Point Clear. So - the people mix is starting to change. Minus Charlie - Add Laura Beth and Ada.
Lunch was at my house which is what we do. Had a Beef Casserole, English Peas, Rolls and a Mrs. Smith's Pie. I hate to be a food snob - but my pastry and pies and cobblers are so much better than anything storebought. They just are and I resented eating those storebought calories when my homemade calories would have been so much better. The casserole is one of my favorites, but 2 of the Barber family members don't really like it. I like to please everyone. Including myself. :-)

Monday Day 3: Woke with Ada early - she wakes up full throttle - so funny. I made us both coffee(foffee) she takes hers with mostly milk - I take mine black. After a shower, Kate and I went to Wal - Mart to spend a whole lot of money on the final Thanksgiving stuff. Charlie had already done some preliminary shopping for me - but this other had to be done.
Afternoon - Ann came by to get Andrew after leaving him while doing her grocery shopping. Went out to the car and there was Luke who was much worse and looked rough. After Ann made a quick phone call to Dr. Powell's office and after making some quick decisions about children and where they would stay - well - here Ann and I go off to H'ville with Luke, who wanted Near closeby. I could say he wanted Near to be near. I was very near. I held him all during the Doctor's visit. He doesn't have strep but has an "adnois or is it adnoise" virus. I don't know how to spell that word.

Brings us up to.....

Tuesday Day 4. Charlie will drive over to Pensacola, pick up his mom and they will be here tonight. We're having Potato Soup for Dinner. I'm looking forward to that - but first - have to get the sheets changed on Lib's bed(Lib is my mother in law - her name is Elizabeth but she is affectionately called Lib) We are both Elizabeth Rhodes. And the bathrooms cleaned....and....some dusting.....and then start on soup....and one more run to the grocery store. I'll probably send one of the girls.

This concludes my post which keeps anyone checking in up to date on Thanksgiving at 1412 Byron Road.

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