Monday, November 2, 2009

What We Did This Weekend, In Pictures

Grandchildren at my house.
Luke sporting the hat Mary Ann had just given him.
She drove up on Thursday.

Andrew hanging out on my bed.

Steve and Luke

Ada and Laura Beth came on Friday
and on Saturday we got everyone ready for Trick or Treating.
Ada was Raggedy Ann.
Luke was Dash from The Incredibles.
Ellie was a Ballerina.
Andrew was a mouse.
I set up my candy outside in the drive and Charlie grilled hotdogs. We sat around and waited to hand out candy.

Then...on Sunday afternoon...
we went out to Ann's for coffee and cookies, just a tiny little gathering to celebrate John Thomas Moore who is due in February.

Everyone stayed until Monday morning and then everyone vamoosed....except for Ada. She is staying the week with me and Laura Beth will get her on Friday.

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