Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Wedding and Afterwards, Dinner and Dancing

I have been slow to post these.  We got home at 12:15 Saturday evening/Sunday morning.  I was so tired.  Church this morning.  Family guests leaving.  3 grandchildren in the house and now only 1.  I have a lot of pictures.  If they are out of focus, forgive my camera.  It needs to go to the camera hospital.

The Pictures.

Mary had just arrived on a golf cart.  This is in front of the Lodge. 
Here she is talking with Beth Baldwin & Jamie Baldwin is to the right.
Behind Mary is her niece, also one of the bridesmaids.

Mary and Elizabeth

Left to Right
Jamie Baldwin in blue shirt, Steve Chunn in white shirt, Mike Bratton in suspenders,
my Charlie in white shirt about to shake Mike's hand, golf cart driver, and Yonea Chunn in cute little gold dress.

Other guests arriving and family members.

The Amphitheater at Gorham's Bluff where the ceremony took place.
Here, guests beginning to be seated.

These balls of flowers hung directly over the altar area.

I took no pictures during the ceremony.  I just felt like I couldn't or shouldn't.
Especially since my camera is bigger than pocket size.

This is following the ceremony.  Here, an artist whom Beth hired, is painting the wedding ceremony.  He had done all the preliminary art prior to the ceremony and added the wedding party while Beth and Graham were exchanging vows.  This is Beth's gift to her parents, Mike and Mary
The painting was unbelievably well done.

Immediately after the wedding
these balls of flowers and ribbons guided the guests where to go

Behind the Lodge where the guests were gathering before going into the tent.

the two tents where beverages and food were served prior to dinner

Inside the tent where we were seated for dinner

Chandeliers/Lamps which hung

Beautiful Flowers/Table Settings
(the baby in the lap is John, my 3 month grandson)

The Cake and Cutting It, below

Yonea and Steve Chunn at our table.

The Father/Daughter Dance

Mary and Mike Dancing

Maid of Honor and Bride Dancing
(the groom and bride danced first, but I missed photo op)

Charlie, Elizabeth, Yonea and Steve
right before we went home.

That concludes this documentary.
Their honeymoon was to be in Thailand, but due to unrest in the country, and threats to Americans,
Beth and Graham had to cancel.

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Hollen said...

What a beautiful wedding! I bet it was fun to go to. :) I haven't been to a wedding in so long! Wow!