Saturday, May 1, 2010


Sarah left Tuesday for Auburn on her way to New Orleans - to live.
Last night was her first night in the city, to live, and I worried that she might be having second thoughts until I read her post this morning - What I Did and Said - She's thrilled to be there and I'm thrilled that she's thrilled.

Last Saturday Ellie turned 5 - but today is her party - in Huntsville - at "Pump It Up".  Those inflatable things that kids jump on and climb on - Ellie and Luke are as excited about it as if it were Christmas. Ann has some great visuals on her blog to show how much Ellie has changed in 5 years.

Yesterday Kate called me, ecstatic that she had just attended her final class at Auburn University.  She has 2 exams next week and the next and she'll be done.  In a couple of weeks Charlie and I will no longer have anyone in college and my youngest is graduating.  And you can go here to see what she'll be doing in the fall - exciting stuff - and big changes.

I still remember being excited when I was able to check off the various school stages here in Scottsboro - first, Mothers Day Out - then - no more elementary grades - then Page(middle school) - then Junior High - I was especially glad to be done with Jr High - and finally High School - done with high school - and now here we are - completing the college years.  and my oldest granddaughter is 5 - but I'll blink and she'll be grown along with the others - and I guess my children will be trying to find a nursing home for me.  :-)

And a huge change over in the Atlanta/McDonough part of the world.  Laura Beth hunkered down and persevered in potty training Ada - If you read the P.S. on this post of hers  you'll find that Ada did finally get the hang of it.  Presto! She's potty trained!  I received several phone calls with Ada wanting to report each time she nailed it.  I didn't talk with Laura Beth yesterday, but I assume the progress continues.

And the other change?  Today is the 1st day of May.  A new month.

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