Saturday, May 15, 2010

Just to Give You an Idea

I am posting a lot regarding this weekend.

I don't want to have so many pictures I'll want to put up all at once.

This is my 3rd post regarding Beth and Graham's wedding.
So - scroll down 2 posts if you haven't seen the other pictures.  Not much writing.  Just pictures.

Who's familiar with Gorham's Bluff?

Go to this link you'll see what is hidden away on top of Sand Mtn. in Jackson Co.  Traveling through Pisgah, AL and onto classic rural roads, it's hard to imagine such a planned development can be at the end of all these county roads.

Back to a few more pictures.

Below are photos of the largest reception tent going up, yesterday.  You can get an idea of what we have to look forward to this evening, following the wedding.

And no, this tent isn't part of the "package plan" if one chooses a wedding here.  All of this was put together by this wedding planner per Beth's and Mike's and Mary's ideas and requests.  

I think these 2 small tents are for appetizers for guests following the ceremony while the wedding party is photographed.
The Lodge, above, at Gorham's bluff.  This is where the Lunch was yesterday.  


Laura Forman said...

Oh I am so thankful for all of these pictures, makes me feel like I am right is the wedding of the century for sure, it is so beautiful!! i can't wait to see more pictures from the day...make sure to take lots and post them all :) love you!!

Laura Beth said...

Oh, wow! I'm so excited for tonight!!!