Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Tribute to Mothers

I have been inspired, and continue to be inspired, by so many women, young and old, who embrace that instinct to mother - maternal, nurturing - These photos are the ones I could scramble up out of my computer photo collection - these women influence me and have in the past.  There are more in friendships - these are all family.

Happy Mother's Day

Ada Chapman Henderson "Granny"
I've heard so much about her in strength, laughter, grief, endurance...

Mary Ella Henderson Northcutt "Ella", Granny's youngest child & my grandmother.
I loved her.  Absolutely.

Ella and my mother

Ella holding John, my cousin, and Vida Law Robinson, John's paternal grandmother sitting next to Ella.

My Four Heroines
All four of Ella's daughters.  Granny was their grandmother.
Left to Right.
Mary, 72, Florence, 82, Mother(Edith), 85, Lucille, 88

Mary and Mary Ann in 1949

Mary with 3 of her 5 children.
Left to Right.
Edward, Melissa and Mary Claire

Mary and Melissa waiting their time to be seated.
It was Melissa's daughter's wedding.  Mary Hamilton.

Florence with her great granddaughter

Mary Ann, Mother and Me
One Easter when Mother was feeble, but not as much as she would be.
Always laughing.

Mother in the 1950's

Mary Ann with Ellie and Luke.
Great Niece and Great Nephew

Charlie's Mother with her four.

and next pictures, my 4 daughters, filling their roles as Mothers, Aunts - 
flexing their maternal muscles.

Ann and Ellie.  
this looks like many scenes with me and mother.
getting that hem on something she's made.

Laura Beth with John before he goes to NICU

and in NICU

Sarah with John

Kate and Ellie

Andrew's First Day Home from Hospital

Ann and Andrew 15 months later

Luke, Ellie, Andrew with their Mom

Laura Beth in Labor

and much later 
John is almost here

Ada already mothering her own baby

Laura Beth, John, and Ada

Elizabeth and Kate

22 years later
Elizabeth, John, Ada and Laura Beth

Mother Love


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