Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday Afternoon, Next, THE WEDDING

Today's wedding brunch was from 11:00 to 12:00.  This is the big day!  I'm excited knowing that the Baldwins and the Chunns are heading into town.  I happen to know that by my request Mike seated Yonea and Steve at our table for dinner.  CAN'T WAIT!  That's Yonea and Steve Chunn of the "We have 9 children fame".  Jamie and Beth can't stay for the dinner because they have to return to Tallassee tonight - Jamie is interim pastor at a church there.

So at the brunch today - I saw lots of familiar faces - Mary Ann, my sister, went with me - we were the only ones from our family who attended this event.  We sat with Joan and  Leroy Armstrong - old friends from Calvary Baptist.  And then a whole other group of friends from Calvary came in later.  Joan and I reminisced so much about all those years that have gone by.  I loved it.

I only took 5 pictures - Each day they fix Mary and make her prettier and prettier.  I have seen the dress that she is going to wear this evening and it is unbelievably gorgeous.  I can't wait to see her in it and to see Beth in hers.

Here are the pix.  The tent is the one under which they had the Dessert and Dancing last night.  It's also the one where the frog attacked me. Okay - that's a stretch - didn't attack - but it was the scene of the frog incident.
Mary and her mom, Betty Barber

Mike greeting Joan and Leroy

My Plate, Water and Coffee

And the bride.

Short Post, but I guess we can officially call this 
Wedding Documentary by E Rhodes

I'm kidding, but it all makes for great posting pictures and being so close to the Brattons, we've been anticipating all of this for so long and it's such "out of the ordinary" fun.


Mary Ann said...


I love this post, and the other wedding posts so much.

Mary Ann

Hollen said...

This was great! Mary is beautiful. Sorry to be posting comments on all of these posts even though they were posted a while ago! Call it...catching up! :) (Oh...and just to tell you, seeing "E. Rhodes" made me have shiver for some reason! That is such a beautiful abbreviation for your name! :) You REALLY should write a book! And then, you could put E. Rhodes on it! LOL Not kidding are a wonderful writer and I always find myself captivated by your posts!)