Friday, May 14, 2010

And the Rehearsal Dinner at The Meeting House

Look at these pictures of the Rehearsal Dinner and then I have two things to tell the reader.

At the dinner, Steve, my son-in-law, had gotten up to go to the restroom.  Some time went by - we were not really thinking about him or that he had not returned.  Ann (they were at our table) heard her phone.  It was a text message from Steve.  He said, "I'm locked in the bathroom and can't get out.  I promise."
The reason he said he promised is that he knew she'd think it was a joke - because he can do that and it all be a joke.  Ann had to find someone to get him out.   That was one amusing thing.

The other.
but not so amusing . just, well, you'll see.
Following the dinner, the next event was a Dessert/Dance hosted by Mike and Mary for Beth and Graham - under a very large tent and decorated oh so nice.  Tables/chairs for seating - even a few COUCHES!!  There was a band, of course.  For this event under tent they had not added flooring.  We were on lush grass and it was dark.  Great lighting for ambiance.  Nice atmosphere.  Sitting at my table, I was visiting with friends and I thought, perhaps, one of the ladies had touched my arm - I looked back at her and smiled.  I felt her touch it again - I looked back again and smiled.  All were talking and with the band so loud - it was hard to hear.  When I felt what I thought was her touching my arm, I found it odd that her hand felt damp.  then there was a bit of commotion, I looked at the object of the commotion.  A frog was sitting on our table!! Anita hadn't been touching me at all.  That crazy frog had been on my arm!!  Who knows me at all?  To know me is to know that I HATE frogs - as in phobia level - although I have prayed about it over the years and it's a pinch better.  But not much.  I jumped so far from that table and chairs - in horror - but how could I know whether or not there were more frogs?

Oh to be young and adorable and uninhibited enough to dance that way again.  I know that plenty of adults do it still - but I just can't - but there was a day...........

Everyone was having a wonderful time - such celebration - a wedding.


Just Us Justices said...

Hey Mrs. Elizabeth, I found your blog through Ann's. Looks like the event of the decade in s'boro. I can't believe Beth is all grown up. And I thought Mary was one of the bridesmaids! She so cute! Thanks for the pics, I'll be following you now.
Jodie Bain Justice

Hollen said...

Beautiful pictures! And, HAHAHA about Uncle Steve and then the frog! LOL I have a phobia like that of spiders! LOL ;)