Monday, May 3, 2010

Great Thoughts Re: The Ordinary, the Daily Stuff

I've recommended this blog before but I recommended it for the story.  Remember Kelley and Scott who adopted the little girl from China - Virginia Grace.  Today I recommend it for her insightful words.  She has a great post today - I recommend it especially for moms of toddlers and little bitty ones - but it's good for anyone and everyone who weary of the daily stuff, the ordinary repetitious stuff.  That is wisdom in her that she can embrace these truths so young.  Click here to read her post for today, May 3.

In our world we look for the big and the sensational - we often need a rush of large things, dramatic things and big events to feel "alive" and motivated, to give ourselves validity.  The ordinary takes a lot of committment, the repetitive ordinary, if that is where God has us.

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Laura Forman said...

oh how i needed that today...thanks for reminding me to check out her blog..can't wait to share this with the other mom's you!!