Monday, May 10, 2010

Please Pray and Sing Hallelujah!

Hello Monday!

If you read this before 12:00 noon central standard time (Alabama, USA time) pause and say a prayer for Kate this day.  She's taking a very scary test at that time - she really really must pass this test - Business Finance.  God did not wire Kate's brain for Business Finance - but with mercy from her professor and help from her tutor - and God's hand and His sovereign will over her life - we have every reason to think she'll pass the test.

After today - and after she passes this test - we're done with college.  Charlie and I will drive down on Wednesday to celebrate with Kate - we have dinner reservations and we'll take her out to eat.  She has chosen not to "walk" through the ceremony on Friday.

We had a delightful Mother's day.  Steve taught out of Judges at church - which of course had nothing to do with Mother's day - but I prefer the verse to verse teaching that he does - and wouldn't want something topical.  Besides - God's word is always exhorting us to trust Him in all that we do - Walk with God - His strength, our weakness.  That's the order of things.  His sustaining hand in all our situations.  The fellowship at church is a blessing.  Then home for lunch - which by my choice, I prepared.  I don't like going out to eat on Mother's day.  I don't like the crowds.  I just like to come home.

That done, Ann and the kids stayed at my house - while Steve had a few afternoon responsibilities to take care of - Charlie, also - but for the evening - Steve offered to Ann to keep the kids while she and I would go to a movie.  There weren't any movies showing which we wanted to see - so we went to that Mexican Restaurant at Bridgestreet in Huntsville.  Yummy.  They make the Guacamole right there at the table.  We watch the man or woman actually scoop out the avocado - mix in the fresh ingredients - It's so good.  Ann and I shared that plus a Cilantro, Grilled Chicken Salad, with Lime Dressing. Black Beans were on it also - and other good salad stuff - so good.

And here it is Monday and a big week with weekend company coming in for Beth Bratton's wedding.  All my girls will be here and Mary Ann, too.  And friends will be in town.  Quite a "to do".

Pray for Kate, please.  I'll let you know how God has chosen to write the ending of this chapter.  He hasn't told us for sure, yet.  Just given clues, but we're not positive until the thing is done.

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Laura Forman said...

okay, so i missed praying for kate at noon..i was asleep :) but i am praying for her now...can't wait to hear the ending of this chapter...and you better take lots of pictures this weekend!! can't wait to "see" everyone and see beth, i know she will be beautiful!! love to you all!