Friday, May 14, 2010

Left Over Images of Student Life in Auburn

We drove home to Scottsboro, yesterday.

We left the Auburn world behind us.

My lawn mower had been returned to me, from being "repaired and cleaned".

I gave our yard of weeds a fresh cut.

Prepared this and that in the house for the arrival of

Laura Beth and Scott,
Ada and John from McDonough

Sarah from New Orleans

Mary Ann from Evergreen

and tomorrow the arrival of 

Yonea and Steve from Tupelo, MS

Beth and Jamie Baldwin from Tallassee, AL

And so begins wedding weekend.

Let me go get ready for the first event at NOON.

"I'll try to get good pictures to post"


Laura Forman said...

can't wait to see pictures!! make sure to take lots of them :) have a great time!!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks, Laura! I do hope to get good pictures. I can't wait to see everything - but it will be like a race trying to get ready for the different things. Lunch today, Dinner tonight, Brunch tomorrow, Wedding tomorrow night. All the Brattons are staying up at Gorham's Bluff.