Sunday, May 2, 2010

15 Lots

I just figured in my head how many "lots" were on Williams Street when I was growing up.

I did that because I wanted to share a childhood memory and I needed to give the reader an idea of the length of our street.

On our side of the street I counted 15 lots.  On the other side of the street I counted 14 or 15.  Here it is in 2010 and I was saying the last names of the families who lived in those houses.  I knew them all.  On our side I started at the north end, not counting the Bells whose house was in the curve of the end.  Sue Bell Cobb, our Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court grew up in that house.  Who knew?  Okay - but on our side of the street there were

The Millers,
The, uh, I can see them, can't name them, I played my first game of "sling tell, tale, tail...or something like that" in their front yard.  The Wards?
The Boltons
The Canterburys, Ashcrafts, Gunters
Us(I think ours was 2 lots or 1 1/2 lots)
The Snowdens
The Engles, Webbs
The Weavers
The - uh, knew 2 different families there - oh 3 - Dr Spinx, my first dentist, lived there first - then two other families
The Briggs and then my very best childhood friend, Jane White, the Whites lived there.
The Blackmons
The Frasiers (Wayne Frasier, son, played for Auburn, 2 of their daughters babysat for Mary Ann and me - introduced me to mayonnaise on saltine crackers - I liked it.)

Across the street, starting, again, from North End

The Garretts
The Snowdens
The Brittains and then the Monroes
Mrs King (2 lots and her house was across from us)
The Holcolmbes or Holcombes
Side Road
The Livings (fun playmate in that house)
The Harts (fun little guy playmate in that house)
Lot, but now a house
Lot, but later a house and 2 sisters lived in it.
Side Road
The Ashcrafts
The Glasses
Lot for many years until finally the Baptist Association Bldg, which I had no idea what "one of those were" until I joined a Baptist Church in Scottsboro.

I lived on a long straight street.

LOVED to ride my bike.  Our whole crowd would do that.

Me, Jane White, Nancy White, Jimmy Hart, probably Johnny Blackmon, Tony Weaver, maybe, ummmm, Jeannie Knox, if she was in the mix - Mary Ann was too old for that, by then, I guess -

But.....we would get at one end of the street and crank it up - pedal those wheels really fast - and get that speed going and coast down what very little downhill it was.  I'm talking a flat street - and then.....

NO HANDS.  I loved it.  Those were fun days.  We were flying- or so we thought.

Other fun thing - those skates we had.  With a skate key.  to tighten them on our shoes.  Loved it.  Skated all up and down the street.  We wore the skate key around our necks.

Did anybody else out there do this stuff?  There were a million other things - but for some reason I was thinking about those two tonight.

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