Wednesday, January 5, 2011


January Winter has settled in - hasn't it?
or is it just me?
Monday - whew - hard to get the internal emotions even up to anything that would register on any kind of scale.
Tuesday - a bit different - sun was out - I had a mission - to get to H'ville - get fabric for my projects - and take Ellie and Luke with me - it was an unusually good grandparent day and I was a participant in some adorable conversations.  I wish I had them, word for word, on paper.
Wednesday - while I've been very glad to be inside -  the rain, the cold - the gray - still - the brain chemicals are not on "high speed internet". They're barely on low speed internet, if that is a term.  I think the brain chemicals might have stalled, the way my computer - well - not my APPLE - but the others do sometimes.  Do you know what I mean?  (actually, my APPLE does stall sometimes if I overload.  It just gets in a bad mood sometimes - probably because it's stuck with an old lady who doesn't know all about it)

But I've listened to some great Tim Keller sermons and I've gotten much done with my 30 year old incomplete cross stitch project.  I organized my thread so I know just what I have.  Huge accomplishment. I have QUITE a bit.  I did wash all my new fabric, and dried it,  so now I can cut out my stockings.  The ones I plan to make for Ada, John, and Andrew.

I'm fine - it's just those brain chemicals - what is it about no warmth and light?

So I looked through iphoto to see what pictures I took last January.  Below is the door I salvaged from my old high school - January 4th

and we had snow in Scottsboro on January 7th

Andrew, this time last year.

2010 January Rain - what we get more of than snow

I'm blessed to have my indoor retreat.  Very blessed.  Too blessed.
Not complaining - just observing how it is in January.

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