Monday, January 3, 2011

What the Last 3 Days Looked Like

at my house - excluding Sunday - no Sunday pictures.

Sunday held our final goodbyes - even from Kate over the phone.
Kate has been in Birmingham with friends and she flew to Winston-Salem yesterday.

She called me right before she boarded - and she called me when she got there.

Pictures taken on December 30th thru January 1st.

Ada had been sick in Crossville, with John's cold.
That was a treacherous cold germ.
She was starting to improve her first day back in Scottsboro.

Andrew had it and it was at it's peak yesterday - his came with an obvious fever.
Very hot.  Ada and John, we only thought they might feel a little warm.

But the coughing - in their chest - painful, with crying.

So far, no adults have had it like that.  Just small versions of it.

Now it's Monday.

And I begin my new year - 2011.

There are things I want to do today and will - very intentional - and hopefully never leave the house -
unless it's much later this afternoon.

There are things I hope will happen in 2011 - 
Things I wish could happen but unlikely
Things I wish I'd do
Things I wish I could do, but unlikely.

If it's all still in my heart and on my mind I'll use all of that as my next post material.

Happy First 2011 Monday to anyone reading this.

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