Monday, January 24, 2011

A Million Things I Didn't Know

There are at least a million - a zillion and then Ka-trillion 
but, here's what I didn't know about being a mother, and I just realized this one today: 

1.  That on the day of each of my birthdays, at least 1-30, it was more than my birthday.  It was Mother's Birth Day.  She remembered the day as if it was very recent.  I do.

Today is Sarah's birthday and she is 25.  I keep thinking about that day.  I think about the day before and the day before the day before.  I remember the weather.  I remember visitors.  I remember how the anesthesia affected me each time,  and it was different with each of my 4 deliveries.  (4 C-Sections for a gal who planned to go natural as in no pain killers - ugh - thank you Lord for protecting me from that)

Today Sarah is 25 and her birth day is very vivid.  I remember turning 25 and was my birth day that vivid to Mother, as if it had just happened?

Ann will be 30 on February 1.  She's my oldest and I know I'll remember those details.  So - I don't know anything beyond having a 30 year old child/daughter/adult.

Mothers share the birthday of their child in a very unique way.  I'm certain that Fathers do as well - but probably don't voice it like Mothers do.

So, here's to what I remember and to Sarah's birthday.  It was a GREAT day!  Thank you, Lord.

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Rose said...

i'm back to blogging. your post was so sweet,warm and loving. birthdays are so important and the memories of our children's birth will alway be a special gift. take care Rose